Champaign Springs

Our Story

The property of Champaign Springs, LLC has been owned for four generations
by the Conrad family. Originally the property was developed as an amusement
and aquatic park known as Lakewood Beach. This facility was a popular summer
vacation destination for the entire family. In addition to swimming and aquatic
activities, the Cabanas Club Ball Room of Lakewood Beach featured performances
of many of the most famous Big Bands from the 1920s to the 1960s.

David L. Conrad began working at Lakewood Beach in 1927.After returning from
service in World War II, Conrad along with his father, the noted food nutritionist
Dr. R. Dean Conrad, purchased Lakewood Beach and further expanded the property
to its present 63 acres. Ever the business visionaries, the Conrads noticed that
visitors to Lakewood Beach continually remarked about the pureness and exquisite
taste of the spring water that fed the pools on the property. As early as 1949, they
attempted, with the help of Gem City Cola of Dayton, Ohio, to bottle the
spring water of Lakewood Beach. This brilliant business plan, however, probed to be
too far ahead of its time.

Champaign Springs Circa 1809

After a very successful 57-year run as a family entertainment facility, the Conrad family
decided to close the Lakewood Beach facility and to follow the dream of the family
patriarch and sell to the public spring water with taste and purity that is second to none.
The result of Dr. R. Dean Conrad and David L. Conrad's vision is the state-of-the-art water
collection facility of Champaign Springs.          Support and Encourage Recycling